The Surfer Chef

I love to get inspired by people about my pieces of bliss in life. One of my true passion in life is my love for cooking and I always challenge myself to change a simple recipe into a special dish with a little dash of me. In my future blogs I will share some of my favorite recipes with you all. Needless to say but please keep in mind, I’m just Chef the Cuisine in my own 4 star kitchen who loves to play with fresh products from her own garden. I don’t work with recipes or measurements but simply use my taste buts to decide if a dish has the right flavor for me. To me cooking is like painting with flavors.
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I get my inspiration from a lot of amateur chefs on different social media platforms, but my favorite inspiration must-visit site is for sure Instagram. All the pretty pictures of the most brilliant combinations of fresh products and flavors. Some of them makes you just want to run into your kitchen and try it out for yourself before realizing you don’t have that lobster in your fridge or that special fruit from New-Zealand in the basket on your table. So after the disappointment that it will be again just a special simple dish for that day I just save the pictures, beg for the recipes and save them for another time when I want to play in the kitchen. Most of my personal friends share the same love for good food and cooking and of course they also want to show off their skills with the final product…a nice clear picture on their Instagram account. The thing I truly like about the people I know is that each and every one of them inspires me in their own unique way.

Like my dear friends Alvaro Urueña and Mayte Pou from Madrid and their amazing surfer family included the dog. Yes you heard me correctly, Pou the surfer dog must be mentioned as a full member of this inspiring family.

Surfer Chef Alvaro  with his mermaid Mayte.  Made with Square InstaPic



Al likes to call himself the Surfer Chef of Madrid but to me he will just be the beard dude with a passion for surfing, cooking, love and life itself. He has an infinity love for his beautiful mermaid Mayte and their 2 handsome sons, Al is the proud owner and creative director of Ningaloo Spain. Ningaloo is a successful surf minded company specialized in international marketing and internationalization. With a impressive proven track record and resume of international top brands on their list of clients they are one of the best in their field.

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If you can’t find Al in the office, try the nearest beach or kitchen. Al and Mayte have a true passion for the real pieces of bliss in life. Both have a passionate love affair with the ocean, ride the waves with their boys at every opportunity they can get, they keep the true family spirit alive by creating special memories with their sons and Pou, quality time with friends, enjoy their favorite music during live concerts and Al has some amazing cooking skills. Damn the man can cook. The pictures of his creations are just going to make you drool.





A couple of weeks ago I asked Al the question, “What is your dream?”? He replied to me with, “My own surf hotel in the Caribbean with a Spanish restaurant together with my love Mayte.” Now why am I not surprised about this answer. At Pieces of Bliss we believe it’s only fair to share, so I promise you all as soon as I get my hands on one of the special recipes of Alvaro you will find them on our website and when the time comes for Al and Mayte to open the doors of their dream surf hotel and Spanish restaurant in the Caribbean you will be the first to read about it right here.


Knowing Al as the person he is, I know it will only be a matter of time before I get the invitation to visit him, Mayte and the boys for a nice island vacation while staying in their Surf & Cook Hotel on one of the beautiful Caribbean islands and enjoy every single day one of his delicious culinary creations. If you are just as inspired as I am by Alvaro and Mayte and the way they enjoy pieces of bliss in their life,hit Al up on Instagram. He would love to get connected and inspire more people with his cooking and positive lifestyle.

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

I will try to highlight at least once a week an inspiring person who I met during my journey in life.


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