Express your FREEDOM

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 ¨FabTats has been created for the Freedom Seekers, Travelers and Nature Lovers! All with Capital Letters!

People sometimes mistake our style for being simple and poor of elegance, just because our hair is salty and bleached by the sun, and we rather walk on flip flops or bare feet  the whole day.


We were looking for easy to use, not expensive, versatile and safe add ups to our looks. And so FabTats was born. Our main goal is to look fabulous and trendy in any occasion, weather it is at the beach, at parties, in the water and even while doing our groceries in the supermarkets. Our mission is to let as much people in the world express their freedom with these metallic tattoos and look cool.

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Sheebani10  gold-love-tattoo-on-arm

FabTats offers more than 1000 different Temporary Jewelry Tattoos, that come in many colors and styles. We are totally in love with our large Turquoise & Gold Collection! There is a Collection for every taste: Gold & Silver, Gold & Black, Silver & Black, Splash of Colors Collection and for the night lovers we have created a tasteful and elegant Glow-In-The-Dark Collection.

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tempFile_2015-07-23-13-52-56 tempFile_2015-07-23-13-54-24

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Take a look now in FabTats shop and grab  your favorite Temporary Jewelry Tattoo. Check FabTats also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

For you ‘Pieces off Bliss’ readers we have a special promotion! Use the code: PIECES OF BLISS when checking out and get a 20% discount* on any Collection of FabTats. (*Valid between 1Aug 2015 and 31 Aug 2015)

Get more ideas on how to spice up your look with FabTats at



One thought on “Express your FREEDOM

  1. Love this! Will definitely be ordering those Fab Tats! 🙂 Also, I really like your blog and would love it if you checked mine out 🙂 xo Nathalie from The Fashion Veggie


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