Pura Vida

Happy Birthday Pieces of Bliss! What a beautiful and inspiring name you got! Let´s sprinkle some inspirations in our daily lives on how to achieve more Pieces of Bliss. For sure the choices and reasons of what really makes each of us happy, it’s something very personal. But at the end of the day it is all we want. Right?

I have learned that my pieces of bliss come when I take the time to think, feel and realize about my blisses. And when I give space and time to create special bliss moments. My pieces of bliss are often accompanied by beautiful sunsets, nights full of stars or scenic landscaping’s. I´m blessed to have lived and proved different cultures in breathtaking beautiful countries. Especially in the East I have learned to stay still and appreciate the little things of my days.

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-36-35   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-33-58

Moving around often has created a sense of bliss every time I realize I am not attached to anything material, so I can pack and move. Move to a greater place, move to somewhere where I believe I will have many Pieces of Bliss, move with dreams! Even with three little kids, we managed to sell everything we had, and move. I took me what I needed, and that are my lovely hubby three kids, and loads of dreams! Moving to Costa Rica has let me realize that all we need is a safe place to live, the rest is all about us, creating great moments to remember.

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-28-55   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-28-020

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-26-30   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-26-08

They said Costa Rica is the happiest country in the World. It can be. But let me point this out: it’s surely not about superb infrastructure and systems. It’s about a very simple lifestyle based on family, traditions, work and respect and love for their own country. It’s about the simplicity. It’s about the appreciation and respect of the rich Nature that the country has to offer. I have come to the conclusion that my most precious moments of bliss are linked to Nature.

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-25-09   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-16-34

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-14-37   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-11-03

Happiness is when my lovely hubby surprises me in the morning with a fresh made fruit shake, full of papaya, banana, chia, turmeric and ginger all from our garden. Happiness is walking with my family in the jungle behind home and being surprised by a family of white face monkeys. Happiness is when my hubby and sons go surfing together, happiness is driving around on the quiet streets of the countryside of Costa Rica with my feet in the air and the music loud singing songs with my family, heading to a great day on a silent and isolated beach. It has been a journey, in all senses! Life should be a continuously journey, a discover trip. It’s that curiosity that keeps us alive and thirsty for Pieces of Bliss, combined with an inner Peace that offer us strength and reason.

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-20-01   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-13-42

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-12-39   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-20-51

tempFile_2015-07-30-21-30-30   tempFile_2015-07-30-21-11-54

I believe we need to open our heart, eyes and ears to see the Pieces of Bliss, and we need to keep moving on our feet to create that Moments of Bliss. Good things don’t fall from the Sky. Move, look for them!

Get rid of superficial. Seek the simplicity in life.


Pictures copyright by Pieces of Bliss and are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes without written permission.


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