“I am Living my Dreams in Heels”

My name is Olga Maria and I’m a fashion, travel & lifestyle Latina writer; who aims to inspire and to empower people to live a more adventurous and curious life. Leading by example, I intend to inspire you how to follow your dreams and to discover your inner self, doing it all in style!


I was born in Brooklyn, New York; however, at 6 months of age my mother, Haydee Ortega moved back to her native land of Puerto Rico and raised me in the town of Bayamón. My independent spirit and fast-paced lifestyle led me from Puerto Rico, to Miami where I settled in New York City. Native Spanish speaking tongue upon arrival, I began to speak English within a year and quickly acclimating to American life. My personal mantra is “ I am Living my Dreams in Heels.”

You can find me jetsetting off to every corner of the globe in heels. I’m the Founder and Editor of Dreams in Heels Blogazine. During the years I developed and I have a vast variety of experience in being a reporter, writer, spokesmodel, and community developer with 6+ years of experience in NYC media. I consider myself a free-spirited woman entrepreneur who is a social butterfly, and who enjoys making connections with people from all over the world. I love and enjoy the good life, have an epicurean taste if I say so myself, love a glass of wine, a relaxing evening looking at the sunset next to the sea, a good meal from an exotic cuisine or any off beaten path adventure. Surprise me with promptu trips and getaways to unknown corners of the world.

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One of the things I’m extremely proud of is that I have been given the opportunity to represent my latino culture and inspire women from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed looking at the map of the world and used to say to my mom, “I will be in these places one day” while pointing on different far and unknow places. Proving that I’m a natural-born fashionista I used to dress up around our house since I was three years old using my mother heels, and accessories. I have always been obsessed with wearing dresses, high heels and playing around with make-up. During my career I received several awards, including one that named me the 2012 Next Generation Latina by MasterCard and Latina Magazine.

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My own blogazine Dreams in Heels is overflowing with travel tips, fashion and beauty styles, personal stories, reflections and inspiring interviews that help readers live life to the fullest (regardless of your budget). I created this blog due to my insatiable curiosity to wander…just like one of my favorite sayings, “not all that wander are lost.”

I consider it a huge honor that my dear friend Saskia Fung Loij, founder and editor in chief of Pieces of Bliss, asked me in person to become one of the travel contributors for Pieces of Bliss. I can’t wait to share my travel discoveries and adventures with all of you out there. I have an irresistible desire to travel, discover and explore the world. So be sure to check out my travel blogs on Pieces of Bliss to find beautiful boutique hotels and resorts, off the beaten-path destinations, must do activities, travel secrets and tips and unique eats and drinks. I will take you to exotic places to escape to like a spring in the most beautiful gardens in China or a UTV ride around the red rock canyons in Colorado. No matter what’s on your bucket list, or what your heart desires, you can expect it in my articles at Pieces of Bliss.

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Follow my journey on social media If you would like to stay up to date about my life, adventures and projects. You will find me under the username @ItsOlgaMaria on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and my blogazine Dreams in Heels or you can use my hashtag #dreamsinheels.

With Love,

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