“I enjoy every minute of it”


Well hello you there on the other side of the screen. My name is Lauren van Gend and I’m 20 years old and I’m proud to be one of the contributors of Pieces of Bliss. I consider myself a very spontaneous crazy girl who is busy finding her way in this crazy but awesome world and I enjoy every minute of it. I love laughing and that is why I laugh as much as I can. Laughing makes people around you happy and who doesn’t love to be surrounded by happy people. 🙂


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One of my biggest dreams was to write my own blogs for a lifestyle website about the things that I love in life and Pieces of Bliss made this dream come true. I love to share and inspire others with my passion for cooking, my love for home decoration and my travel adventure stories. All these things give me so much joy and positive energy. One of the things I love to do on a rainy afternoon is with my magazines and a hot cup of fresh mint tea under a warm soft blanket on the couch. I always get complains that I have to much lifestyle magazines. Personally I don’t think that the amount is the problem here but more that they lie all around in my apartment. Hey I’m creative you can’t expect me to be neat too! Yes I stole this quote but it isn’t less true when it comes to describing me.

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved writing and when I cleaned out my room the other day I found a lot of funny stories I used to write when I was young.

With my dad and my 2 amazing sisters. #FamilyRules

Now let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I live near Munich, I am the oldest of 3 fun sisters, a true animal lover and I just love to spend time in the city Munich. I don’t like going shopping, yes you have read that correctly. Ok, don’t get me wrong here, I love to spend money on new clothes, accessories and cool stuff for my home, but I just don’t like the whole thing of walking in and out of stores all day. One of my pieces of bliss is online shopping. Comfortable on my sofa, browsing through cool websites and the great feeling it gives of buying something twice! First when I order stuff and than when it arrives at my house. You feel me here? Yes I will share some of my favorite online shops with you. Another favorite thing in my life is spending quality time with my sisters or friends on a terrace with a delicious bite and some good laughs or at home while I cook for them.

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I like being around and get inspired by other people that’s why I love to meet new people and go out on the weekend a lot. What does “Follow your bliss in life” means to me? It means explore the world, travel to the 4 corners of the world to discover new places and cultures, it means enjoying quality time with my friends and family for example in the kitchen or start redecorating my apartment on a rainy Sunday morning. My pieces of bliss in life are the things that make me happy and appreciate the life I live. I’m grateful for what I have, where I stand in life and my dreams that keep me motivated.

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My articles will give you a peek in my life, a 20 year old who just started to discover life as an adult. So be prepared for a lot of humor and fun facts that cross my daily path. I hope you are going to enjoy reading my blogs and remember, always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, than always be a unicorn!

With 💖,


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One thought on ““I enjoy every minute of it”

  1. Ja,je pa stuurde ons deze blog.Wat prachtig en we kunnen gelukkig nog genoeg Engels lezen
    70 jaar geleden geleerd op school.Ook gezien hoe je poes eruit ziet.Mail haar-zijn naam nog eens.Gefeliciteerd met je overgang op school.Komend jaar examen,succes en sterkte ermee.
    En er staan leuke foto’s bij,dus in eén woord fantastisch.
    Geniet van je vakantie helaas niet meer in Oman.Zou je die kant nog wel eens uit willen?
    Lieverd,je bent een schat van een meid voor ons.Dikke kus van Opa en Oma.


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