Surfer Crayfish

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Some days we just want to spend our time on quality things of life and just do fun things and eat good food with those who matter the most in our life. So after spending a quality time day on the beach with my soulmate Mayte and our boys and riding the waves together it’s time to spoil my family with my Surfer Crayfish recipe. It’s fast and easy to make, but so delicious. The Surfer Chef is ready to create magic.


Ok what we need for this delicious dish is the following.

Crayfish (The amount is yours to make. It dependents on how many peeps will join you at the table)
Bay Leafs
Sea Salt
Olive Oil
Dry White Wine

First of all if you buy the Crayfish alive you must clean them before boiling (remove the tail end of the turning center to remove the intestine then the Crayfish will die)

Ok when that is done it’s time to get started. Put the Crayfish in boiling water with the sea salt and bay leafs until they turn red (less than five minutes). After 5 minutes you take the Crayfish out of the boiling water and leave them in bowl to rest while you are going to start with the sauce.


Now the sauce is going to make all the difference and will add the magic to the dish.

Slice the onions and garlic up and put it all together in a pan with hot olive oil and fry them for 5 minutes. Make sure they don’t burn so keep on stirring while you add the ham and chorizo and fry everything together for a couple of minutes. Add just  a teaspoon of flour and paprika powder to it and the finishing touch we flavor the sauce up by adding a glass of water and a glass of dry white wine into the pan. Let the sauce cook for at least 3 a 4 minutes until everything is well done. At last add the Crayfish to the sauce and let them cook a little more to catch that special magical flavor.

After all is done serve the Crayfish incl the sauce in a bowl and enjoy the surfer Crayfish.¡Buen apetito!



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