The Beach is Calling.

Sun kisses on your skin, white sand between your toes, the cool breeze on your face and salty lips.

The beach is my favorite place to recharge myself, get connected with my inner soul and where I can feel happy and free. A place where I feel positive energies flows all around me. If stress took most of my energy during the day I just went to the beach for a nice walk in the sand on my bare feet and after that stepped into the cool water of the ocean and felt positive energy flowing back in my body while the negative stress of that day flowed out.

It was a couple of years ago when I took the big step and followed my dream by deciding I was going to live the island life on the Caribbean island of Curacao. I was ready to embrace the island vibe and to become an island girl. Ever since I was a little girl I felt the urge to live close to the sea on some tropical island. The long walks on the beach, sitting in the sand for hours watching people having fun or simply enjoying a stunning sunset at the end of the day. To me the beach will always be that magical place where everything is possible. The beach is one of my pieces of bliss in life.

The positive energy I feel when I’m on the beach gives me strength and energy to live and to feel. The beach and the ocean are both a blessing for my senses, emotions and taste buts because lets not forget, not only does everything on the beach feels better, it also taste better. I love to enjoy my beach bites and tropical cocktails while laying on a beach chair under a gazebo, but I also enjoy to watch the little creatures of the sea doing their thing. Speaking of pieces of bliss.


The beach is also my spiritual tool in life. No matter if it is about feeling intense happiness by spending a beach day with dear friends, a beautiful dive while enjoying the underwater world and building sand castles on the beach with my son or giving me strength to deal with disappointments in life or the lost of a loved one. Both ways it helps me a lot to feel, recognize and accept my emotions and to process them. You could say the beach is my couch and the ocean my therapist.

Now how is it possible that the beach has such a huge impact on the emotions of people?

“According to Dr. Benjamin Bensadon, an assistant professor of clinical biomedical science at Florida Atlantic University, the sand alone can help chill us out.”You can feel the sand, it’s often soft, and that can be a relaxing tactile stimulus,” he said.That Zen-like tranquility many feel at the beach can relate to the water’s aquatic hue. Studies have shown that blue has a calming effect on people. “It does provide a soothing environment, which is reflected in the ocean,” said Dr. William Dorfman, a psychology professor at Nova Southeastern University. “The sea’s soundtrack also may trigger the brain to release feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin”, Dorfman said.” (Source: Sun Sentinel)

“Sitting on the sand can do wonders to clear the mind. When you look out at the beach, there is sort of this infinity, this sense of perspective to get some distance from your everyday problems,” – Dr. William Dorfman, Psychology professor at Nova Southeastern University Florida (Source: Sun Sentinel)

At the beach you are inhaling the cool, fresh ocean breeze and in the water it feels like you are as light as air. Now what feeling can beat the feeling of ultimate freedom?

So next time you pack your bag to spend some quality time on the beach, take a moment and ask yourself what the beach is doing for you and open yourself up to feel pure bliss.

Beach Love,

Pictures copyright by Pieces of Bliss and are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes without permission.


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