Wanderlust Rehab

What is the Wanderlust Rehab…

“Wanderlust; a strong desire to travel”

I remember sitting at my favorite spot in Birmingham airport, waiting for my flight to Zurich, doing what I enjoyed best…people watching.  I would often get lost watching families, lovers, business people and the odd independent back packer heading off to catch a sky taxi to some far flung destination. This past time was one which I would often do back then, when I was often travelling around Europe to attend one meeting or another. From day trips to Paris to week long excursions to the Philippines, a spark of wanderlust was being fueled to grow into something stronger.

wpid-wp-1438349002079.jpeg   wpid-wp-1438349012387.jpeg

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The travel which was once an exciting adventure was becoming more of a chore and I began to resent the amazing opportunity which had presented itself to me; to see the world which others could only dream of.  There were times when I found myself in a hotel room watching foreign news channels more often during a month than I was at home in my own bed.

Family and friends would often be envious of my travels and get a little annoyed with my blasé attitude to jumping on a plane to somewhere new.  Alas these new places which I so wanted to enjoy, would be fleeting visits at most and what adventures could I relay when most of the time was spent inside a factory or an office.  For example, I can say I visited South Africa, I have the proof in my passport, however, after a twelve hour flight, there was a day spent at a power station in the middle of nowhere and then a twelve hour flight back to the UK.


Most people hit the rehab clinics because there is an affliction they wish to rid themselves, be that drugs, alcohol, sex etc.  However, it was becoming obvious to me that I was beginning to cast aside the one affliction I really wanted and that was my love to travel.  Sitting at that airport, I realised that I didn’t want to be jetting off to more meetings and then sleeping all the way home at 20,000 feet.  If I went places, I wanted to see, taste, smell and immerse myself in that place, let the wanderlust take full control.

In 2008, I started to develop a plan to find a home in which the wanderlust could rehabilitate itself within me and remind me of the pleasures it could bring.  After much googling of possibilites and rejecting such places as Canada, USA and Australia, I finally settled upon New Zealand.  Family and friends no doubt wished I had decided upon somewhere a little closer to Brum, but what can I say, it just felt right.


IMG_4589   IMG_7282

The city of Auckland here in New Zealand has been my rehab centre for the last four years.  I will do my best to share with you what my senses have experienced to date in this part of the world and also share my travel plans here on out (plus recall the places visited and loved). Stay tuned for beautiful pictures and delicious recipes as I too love to cook.

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Welcome again to my Wanderlust Rehab.


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