“It’s ok to be imperfect”

Yes I know this website is about the pieces of bliss in life, happiness and finding joy in little things, but fair is fair to say that life is not only about happiness and blissful things. Too appreciate these things we must also feel sadness and pain. Life is not all pink roses and colorful butterflies, sometimes life is dark and cruel. But like Epictetus once said, It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

wpid-tempfile_2015-07-28-10-28-48.jpgHow come society accepts only the fake picture perfect side of us? The picture of successful, happy, no worries, super man or super girl power and the ability to deal with everything in life without falling apart. Is that even possible? When are we going to realize there is no such thing as picture perfect and that we need to stop bringing ourselves in impossible situations just to prove people who don’t matter that we are perfect and we have super powers when it comes to mental strength. NOBODY is perfect and we will never be. Isn’t that just the pure beauty of being human? And what is the definition of PERFECT?

Well let me break the news here. We all experience pain, breakdowns or heartbreaks in our life and we all have our dark moments where we just want to hide under a blanket from the mean cruel world out there.


Now you might ask yourself why I’m sharing this with you!

Well I’m in the middle of the process of life throwing that heavy dark blanket on me. Dealing with serious health issues and discovering that true friendship is not sharing your successful life with others. I guess when you are successful in life a lot of people are attracted to you like bees on honey, but when the going gets tough the bees will fly away searching for another honey pot. But it’s also the pain of losing that one special soul who made you believe in impossible things. Although most people know me as the always bright, shining and positive girl I must admit that these last few weeks I’m everything except that.

Now first thing I told myself was, “It’s ok to feel this pain so don’t hide it. It’s ok to be imperfect!. You don’t always have to be that bright shining strong girl to be accepted by the people around you. It’s ok to take some ME time and feel what you feel.” So many questions, so many tears and so much pain. Why me? Don’t I deserve happiness and joy in my life? How come something that started so special and out of the ordinary doesn’t longer blossom? Why aren’t we created with a button that we can switch off when it comes to painful feelings? I guess the thing with pain is, it demands to be felt. Second thing I said to myself was, “Ok take your time girl, but don’t you dare to stay down there. Get back up and be that positive soul you always were because life is how you respond to things and happiness is a choice.”. Yes even at this point in my life I truly believe so.

Cute-Quotes-About-Life-And-Love-And-Happiness-Tumblr-26  wpid-tempfile_2015-07-30-08-04-52.jpg

The pieces of bliss in life can be experienced and appreciate even more in times when we don’t see them because of an intense period of pain we go through. It doesn’t mean they are gone. It simply means pain is overruling everything. Will the pain ever stop? Oh yes, it’s only a matter of time before that bright and shiny smile is back on my face and I’m enjoying life again. This is also part of the life lessons we must learn.

So here I am telling you to treasure what you have and dare to take risks in life even if there is the chance of getting your heart broken or getting betrayed. Because although I may have lost something real I also got beautiful memories and amazing life lessons in return that no one can take away from me. After the tears are gone they will put that smile back on my face when I walk down memory lane.


Now why did I wrote this and published it for everybody to read? The answer is simple! I know there are people out there who are dealing with these life challenges. I just want to let you know that it is ok to feel pain and to take your time to recover from it. Don’t let people tell you, “oh you will get over this”, because we all know you will. But before we can do so we must go through the pain of losing, accepting and finding strength to see and feel the happy moments of life again. And you know what? It’s ok! You don’t have to be perfect, being imperfect is ok, embrace it!

Love is pain, but let’s be fair, love is also magic, it gives you strength, brings light, lots of joy and a million butterflies. And those things make it worthwhile to follow your heart and follow it with the pure self you are. Be thankful that you had the blessing of experiencing the true pure feeling of what love is all about. Don’t let betray or greef from the past hold you back of meeting new people, making new friends and open your heart for somebody. If plan A doesn’t work out the way you want, remember the alphabet has 25 more letters and there are many ways to reach a destination or realize your dream.




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