My Kitchen Adventures…

“Before the front door had even opened, the delicious smells emanating from Nans kitchen were escaping through her letterbox. It may not have won a Michelin star but Nans apple pie always got five stars from me and it was this good old fashioned fayre which I grew up to enjoy. I was very fortunate to have had four ladies of this generation in my life, two in my home town, one in Scotland and one in Wales, all of whom knew how to keep you well fed.

IMG_5720    IMG_5718

IMG_7072    IMG_7070

The knowledge of keeping a family fed on very little, was passed down to my mum and I will be forever thankful for never being hungry as a child. It amazes me to this day, how mum kept a family of five fed and watered day in, day out, with never the same meal served up in the same week.

At the age of ten it was my turn to start learning the time honoured tradition of cooking for the family and my mum made sure that I was fully trained. From spaghetti bolognese to the traditional Sunday roast, by the time I was in my teens, I was both helping out and taking over cooking duties at home. To be domesticated is never a bad thing, especially when later in life you decide to move to the other side of the world and have to fend for yourself.

IMG_6002    IMG_4868


IMG_5296     IMG_5521

Over the years my travels took me to plenty of amazing places and due to the majority of this being business travel, I was fortunate to be able to eat many great places (all on expenses). This expanded my taste palette somewhat and I tried foods which I never knew existed growing up, let alone consider putting into my mouth. These new found flavours only increased my love of food and more so, cooking, bringing back the creations put in front of me to my own kitchen.

I guess it only fitting that I now find myself married to a wonderful woman who was once an executive chef. Not only am I continuing to cook family traditions, meals from around the world, now I’m learning new and wonderful recipes from my wife and the country I now call home.”

And yes in my upcoming blogs I will share the recipes whit you!


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