“The Best Brownies in the World”

brownie quote

Yes like most people I too have a secret recipe for what my son likes to call, “The best brownies in the world”.

Don’t worry there is no need to climb a mountain top for a special ingredient because I bet that most of you out there have this ingredient in the house only it may have never come to mind of adding it to your regular brownies recipe.

First let me say, I don’t like to work with measurements for a recipe. My taste buds are my best friends during my cooking fun time and they have never let me down. So my advice to you is, taste during your cooking fun and taste a lot, what flavor works for me doesn’t have to work for you and the other way around. So trust your taste buds till you find the right blissful flavor that gives you that, “OH MY GOD” feeling. Cooking to me is playing with flavors and products. So don’t be afraid and cook outside the recipe measurements.

To me cooking-fun is all about the right positive ambiance in the kitchen, so turn on the radio or put your favorite sing-along cd on, volume a little higher than usual (don’t worry the neighbors appreciate good music) and let the fun cooking time begin.


Ok let’s get the following things ready to create some magical brownies.

Flour (I mix it up with real chocolate powder 70/80% or chocolate pastilles)
Sugar (I prefer to use brown sugar)
2 eggs and coconut oil (Now in our family we like our brownies a little fudgy. That is why I use 2 instead of 1 egg and add some organic coconut oil for a little surprising flavor and to make sure the brownies are getting a little moist.) Oh did I mention before we don’t count calories with these brownies?
Cream and REAL butter for the fudge sauce.

Now here is my secret ingredient to give my brownies that magical touch. A big jar of Nutella hazelnut spread. When you have mixed all the ingredients together add a couple of spoons, preferring to your own taste, to it and mix everything until it is one smooth mix of chocolate delight. If you want to take your brownies on an adventure, add a handful of crushed walnuts to it. You can also use hazelnuts or pecan nuts.


I have to confess that I use Nutella in many of my recipes when it comes to home made sweet chocolate delight like chocolate croissants or lava cupcakes. My son and his friends just love it.

nutella love    3-ingredient-Nutella-Croissants-F


Place the baking tin with the brownie batter in the oven at a temperature of 185 degrees / 365 Fahrenheit. Make sure you have some wooden skewer pins stand by because from time to time you will have to check if your brownies are the way you want it by sticking a skewer pin in the middle of it. If the pin comes out wet, your brownie is not ready yet and needs some more tanning time. If you want your brownie dry like a cake, the skewer has to come out clean and for a fudgy one like we love it it has to come out somewhere in the middle, not to wet and not clean. I prefer to keep the brownie plate for around 35 a 45 minutes in the oven; this however depends on the height of the baking tin, but if you keep on checking during baking you can’t go wrong.


So, the brownies will get their tan and meanwhile we are going to work on our chocolate fudge sauce, after all what is a brownie without chocolate fudge sauce?

To make the hot sauce, put the cream, sugar and butter in a saucepan. Heat through until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, add the chocolate and leave to melt, then stir well. Serve the brownies and hot fudge sauce with a scoop of quality vanilla ice cream.





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