Grilled Sandwich Delight

One of the things I love is to get creative with a french baguette.

Today I want to share one of my favorite recipes with you. Simple and easy but oh so delicious and kids will love it.


French Baguette
Grilled Turkey breast with Herbs
Cumin Cheese
Cheese Spread
Sea Salt

Spread the cheese spread on the baguette. Today I choose the one with herbs, but sometimes I go a little spicy and choose the one with hot pepper. Slice the tomatoes and put them on the cheese spread. Put the cumin cheese on the tomatoes and on top of that the grilled turkey.


PSX_20150816_125541 PSX_20150816_125621

Spread on the other half of the baguette more cheese spread and put the baguette in the oven for +/- 20 min at a temperature of 200 Celsius/ 392 Fahrenheit. When the cheese is melted it’s time to enjoy your grilled sandwich bliss.



Enjoy and don’t forget, you can put anything you want on your own grilled sandwich delight. Just be creative!



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