A Treasure Rediscovered

One of my favorite vacation destinations is my country of birth Suriname. Born in 1972 in this beautiful country and moved to the Netherlands in 1980 it was after 18 years when I touched based again with Suriname. After that it took me some years before I rediscovered this treasure that luckily enough I can call the place where my umbilical cord is buried. Suriname is to many the place for delicious food and family visits, but for the last couple of years many discover it also as a perfect travel/vacation destination.


Suriname, set in a natural tropical wilderness, is a perfect mix of the Caribbean and South America, with fascinating reminders of a turbulent past of slavery in the colonial times. But fair is fair to say that this past is what makes this treasure in South America worth wile to visit and to discover. Many plantations from the colonial time have been kept in perfect condition. Thanks to many who put effort in keeping this heritage well kept, many of these locations are these days being used for hospitality purposes. Imagine spending the night in a typical colonial wooden house of more than 300 years old.  One of my favorite plantations to visit is Frederiksdorp which was build in 1747.

Frederiksdorp Guesthouse
Frederiksdorp Guesthouse
Frederiksdorp plantation holder house, the house where the owner/director and his family lived back in the days.
Doctors house build in 1898. Now the house of the current owner of the plantation Ton Hagemeijer and his family.
The plantation area

IMG_20150310_101505  IMG_20150310_101305

The river boats are a very important way of transportation to the people who live outside the city on the plantations or in the jungle.
School boat for the local children who live on the plantations or in the jungle. The boat will bring them to the nearest school.

This green country is located In the northeast of the South American continent, bounded by Guyana on the west and French Guyane on the east and Brazil to the south. Influenced by numerous cultures like  African, Native Indian, Asian, Jewish and Dutch the country reflects this diversity harmoniously in its day to day life.

Dominated by mighty rivers, which provide essential highways on a daily basis for locals who live in the rain forest and jungles of the interior, Suriname is waiting to be explored. The tourism infrastructure in Suriname is upcoming but still not established. Luckily to say that a few well organized tour operators like Myrysji Tours, Mets, Orange Travel just to name 3 of the one I know as very reliable, offering amazing tours to every part of this hidden treasure of South America.

The bustling capital and port of Paramaribo, stands guard over the Suriname River. The striking architecture of Paramaribo reminds us of its Dutch colonial past. Take a stroll at the waterside where you can sit at one of the many terraces and enjoy the ambiance of the daily life or enjoy one of the many delicious local dishes that are offered by local people at the little food corners.

Waterside at Paramaribo the capital of Suriname.
One of the many local food corners at the waterside.
Palmen Tuin
Officers houses at Fort Zeelandia.
The Cathedral-Basilica called Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral is a wooden Roman Catholic cathedral located in the center of the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname. It is the biggest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere build in 1885.

Explore the natural beauty of Suriname by boat or light aircraft to encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Suriname. One of my favorite destinations in the jungle is Menime Eco Resort owned and managed by Mandje, his wife Kasima and their 8 children. Menimi Resort is located 28 kilometers upstream from the little village Atjoni. You can only reach Menimi Resort by a small boat, made of a tree trunk, called in Suriname a ‘Koreaal’.

Mandje is a local from the jungle who build this little piece of paradise with his own hands and created a place where many spend some precious days far far away from the city life. At Minime Eco Resort it is back to basic and a true jungle experience. My family and I had the time of their life at Menime Resort. My son went fishing with Mandje his sons, played the “Apinti Drong” (a local drum) with Mandje and the two loves of my life enjoyed the “Soela” (which is the local pronouncement for a rapid) with each other.

Menimi Eco Resort


Menimi Eco Resort
Menimi Eco Resort
Owner and founder of Menime Mandje with my son. In their hands our lunch for that day they caught that morning.
Playing the “Apinti Drong” (a local drum) together.
My two boys enjoyed the “Soela” which is the local pronouncement for a rapid together.
At Atjoni from where we traveled by Koreaal to Menimi Resort. This is also the step up to many of the other jungle resorts Suriname has to offer.

Minime is a true paradise where you can spend quality time with your family or with your partner for some quality time, but the jungle of Suriname has so much more to offer. Spot the occasional wild cat while walking around in the rain forest and hear the unearthly cry of howler monkeys echoing through the trees, see giant tarantula spider webs and huge termite nests. For the more adventurous head to the swamps where crocodiles, piranhas, anacondas and boa constrictors go about their business. Don’t forget to visit one of the many waterfalls the country has to offer.



Another don’t miss for nature lovers is the Galibi Nature Reserve where you can experience four sea turtle species nesting on its beaches between February and July. But Galibi has so much more to offer, even outside the turtle season you must visit this native village which is located close to the Atlantic Ocean to get to know the true culture of one of the many native tribes Suriname has to offer.

Welcome to Galibi one of the many native indian communities of Suriname.
Sunrise at Galibi. Picture copyright by Peter van Gend
Galibi Tribe gave us a welcome ceremony.

My advice to you is, when you want to book a tour to Galibi contact Myrysji Tours as the owner of this tour agency is a village member from Galibi. Myrysji Tours is located in Paramaribo close to the many corporate hotels and small appartements the city has to offer. But more about Galibi and stunning pictures by German based travel photographer Peter van Gend in another blog. So stay tuned!

Galibi Beach

Now I can rattle on and on about my country of birth but instead I will let the picture speak for them self. I realise as no other that just one blog post is nearly enough to brag and share the beauty of Suriname so in these next upcoming weeks I will share more in 2 other blogs about this hidden treasure in South America.

Enjoy the pictures while you discover my beautiful country of birth Suriname!


Pictures copyright by Pieces of Bliss unless otherwise mentioned and are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes without written permission.


Cola Kreek
Many locals by their vegtables and other products at the Sunday Market better known by locals as the Saoena
Sunday Market better known by locals as the Saoena


Wakoeri behind Zanderij recration spot where locals enjoy the weekend.
Torarica Hotel Garden
The dok at Torarica Hotel
A sloth one of the many amazing animals you will spot during your trip in Suriname.
Ice scone cars are a typical local view in the capital Paramaribo.
Guesthouse AlbergoAlberga
Local lady at her garden where she grows vegetables.
2015-06-16 13.41.20
Fresh vegetables and fruit like pumpkin and cocoa are for sale at the local market.
One of the many recreation location the country has to offer outside the city.

image-afbeb2b81e2bceb6c84e2c673df781e1cbbca5eaa261afde5c84cf20df43c45d-V IMG_20150130_232430


Tigerbank in the Atlantic Ocean 30 minutes by boat from Galibi. Tigerbank comes up at low tide and is about 4 kilometers long. Picture copyright Peter van Gend

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