Interior With A Silver Lining

With a moving coming up I’m looking very much forward to start decorating and turn our new house into our home sweet home.

It gives so much joy to get creative with an empty room. Filling it with blissful things. The idea alone gets me so excited. Now let me start with clearing the air about a common misunderstanding. Decorating your home doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Personally I like to inspire myself with the design things from the expensive interior magazines, but I love to walk and shop at flea markets, porch/garage sales and second-hand shops to search for the little treasures for my little palace. I love furniture with a story and to pimp it up with some fresh paint just the way i like it.


I love to create my living space with bright and shiny colors and bring ‘soul’ in my rooms. For my new house I will choose white with a touch of grey with a silver lining and old wooden furniture and accessories. I’m totally in love with the silver Moroccan lamps. Not only because of their many designs and shapes, but also the magical patterns they give on the wall when you turn them on. I love that ‘1001 nights’ feeling they fill my room with. But I have to admit, although I love beautiful lamps in my house I prefer to lit my candles to create an intimate ambiance in the room. So yes you will find many candles and gorgeous accessories like silver plates and big lanterns all around in my house. A little tip from my side, put a couple of candles in different sizes and colors together. You will love the sight when they burn.

IMG_20150819_080558[1]   IMG_20150811_165020[1]


IMG_20150824_090301[1]  IMG_20150722_044434[1]


So the last couple of weeks my live was all about interior design magazines, websites and my favorite inspiration spot Pinterest. I got some amazing ideas, created some of my own and can’t wait to get started with searching, finding and creating.

Get inspired just like I did with some of these pictures I found on the web. As soon as I move into my new little castle I will share some pictures of my interior with you all.



kist 027












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