Fall Is Coming.

I know! I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that Summer is on the way out and school has started again. Now even though I love the summer and her long days and midsummer nights I have to admit that I’m looking very much forward enjoying the fall season again after living for 10 years in the Caribbean. Instead of long walks on the beach, it’s up to long walks in the forest enjoying the stunning warm colors of the leaves, nature transforming into a gorgeous canvas of orange, burgundy and red colors and watching the squirrels jumping from tree to tree.





Fall to me is not only spending time outside in the forest dressed in a warm coat and wearing my boots but also the time of bringing coziness into my home. The smell of fresh baked apple pie, cinnamon candles burning, home made gluhwein and fluffy blankets on the coach while the cold autumn weather is going wild outside. It’s the time of realizing that Christmas is around the corner. It’s the time of spending time with your loved ones in the kitchen while preparing a nice beef stew with fresh carrots and onions.






totaalplaatje ariadne (1)



Now it might sound strange for those who know me, but this miss sunshine can’t wait till she finally can say “FALL IS HERE, LET’S ENJOY IT!”.

Enjoy some of the pictures that got me in the mood for the upcoming fall season.



VT, Strafford, Church in peak fall color

Riviera Maison Herfst shoot, 16 juli 2014


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