Scary Halloween Food

It’s that spooky time of year again and most of us are gearing up for Halloween by taking over the pumpkin patch! 

Now it’s not only about that abfab costume that you are going to wear this weekend but it’s fair to say that halloween just wouldn’t be the same without witches fingers, bloody broken glass cupcakes and my all time favorite something called an alien brain hemorrhage (watch the image carefully and see why I just love this one). As far as I’m concerned, when you have an excuse to make the creepiest, spookiest, downright scary treats, you take it. I’m loving all these Halloween recipes I found on the web and even threw in a few healthy options to help offset the candy overload a little.

Just click on the pictures to get the recipes of some of my favorite halloween recipes I saw while surfing the net.

Happy Halloween!


Witches Fingers
Witches Fingers
Meatball Mummies
Meatball Mummies
Bone Chillin Breadsticks And Halloween Dip
Scary, hairy, baked doughnuts
The alien brain hemorrhage
Witches Brooms
Bloody broken glass cupcakes
Skeleton Sangria

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