Riselle The Traveling Island Girl our contributor from the Caribbean island of St Maarten is sharing this delicious recipe with us. Guess what is on my menu for this week? 😉

Enjoy it!

With love,

Living on the smallest land mass divided by two countries you learn a thing or two. Put that knowledge together with the one thing islanders love most (chicken) and you have a culinary masterpiece.

The French overall may lack in customer service but they make up for this by being the absolute masters of “le cuisine”. The word “cuisine” is French and that little fact alone says it all.

While in Guadeloupe a few years ago we were invited by a French couple to dine at their magnificent home. The lady of the house made a dish I could just not get out of my head. I added a bit more of the French creole I so love from French St. Martin and a whole lot of “moi” to the dish until….VOILA!……Masterpiece. I call it my masterpiece because it is pretty much the only dish I can make without screwing up somehow. It’s quite nearly foolproof.

So in honor of my recent culinary achievement and well, just because it’s almost Christmas (and at Christmas we are supposed to be nice to our fellow humans) I share with you here the recipe to my Masterpiece. I dedicate it especially to those who, like me can use a little hep in the kitchen.

The French Creole Skillet Chicken

You will need the following:
– One skillet
– Chicken drumsticks (can also be done with chicken thighs)
– Olive oil
– Salt
– Small red potatoes
– Herbes de Provence (it is the “MUST” ingredient)
– Garlic powder
– Onion powder
– Black pepper
– Soy sauce or glaze (sweet)

I used a self made infused olive oil. I added fresh rosemary and just a few tiny pieces of scotch bonnet peppers to a small bottle of olive oil. This is awesome with just fresh french bread as well.
For the soy I used a new lemongrass soy glaze I recently discovered in the supermarket.

IMG_2479This is by far the most important ingredient. It is the “Coupe De Grace” for lack of a better description. The final ingredient that ties it all together. It is where the dish gets it’s Frenchness from.

Wash the drumsticks in warm water and lime before seasoning them with a pinch of salt, some crushed black pepper, onion powder and lots of garlic powder. Cut small lines in the chicken meat to make sure heat and taste penetrate. Marinate the chicken with the soy glaze or sweet soy sauce, cover and leave in fridge for half an hour while you oil the skillet. Brush some olive oil in the skillet. Make sure it’s well oiled so that nothing sticks to it.

Wash the baby red potatoes. Brush the skin well so that no dirt is left behind. Cut the potatoes in two.

Place the chicken drumsticks in the middle of the oiled skillet and the potatoes all around the chicken. the idea is to let the potatoes cook in the juices of the chicken.

Sprinkle the Herbes de Provence over the chicken and potatoes.


Heat up the oven to about 350 to 400 degrees, wait 10 minutes and place skillet in the middle.


Check on the Masterpiece 15 minutes later to make sure it’s getting  a nice tan color (black is NOT GOOD). Turn the drumsticks over and place skillet back in oven for another 5 minutes. Note that my understanding of time may be a bit off. So check on your “ish” every 5 minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn to a crisp.

When you are satisfied with color and you have made sure that the inside of the chicken is cooked as well, remove from oven and place on table. Wait! Don’t gobble it down right away. I will not be held responsible for burnt tongues.


Bon appetit, my little grasshoppers. Don’t forget to comment. I would love to know how the “masterpiece” worked out for you. Make me proud.




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