“It’s ok to be imperfect”

Pieces of Bliss

Yes I know this website is about the pieces of bliss in life, happiness and finding joy in little things, but fair is fair to say that life is not only about happiness and blissful things. Too appreciate these things we must also feel sadness and pain. Life is not all pink roses and colorful butterflies, sometimes life is dark and cruel. But like Epictetus once said, It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

wpid-tempfile_2015-07-28-10-28-48.jpgHow come society accepts only the fake picture perfect side of us? The picture of successful, happy, no worries, super man or super girl power and the ability to deal with everything in life without falling apart. Is that even possible? When are we going to realize there is no such thing as picture perfect and that we need to stop bringing ourselves in impossible situations just to prove…

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